October destiny: Glamorous & Retro

Written by: Jordan Spence

October is an important month for Jessica and Lance Dykstra.

Not only is it the month they were married — Oct. 25, 2014 — it was also the month they began to date.

“We originally met while working at the casino,” Jessica said. “Five years afterward I left the casino and that’s when we began dating.”

Jessica now works as manager of the Pied Piper Skatery in Petoskey and Lance continues to work in information technology at the casino.

It was a Halloween event that brought the couple together.

“I was there taking pictures (at the event) and I see this huge red headstress down the hall and ‘thought that’s going to be Jessica.’”

They soon began to date and have been together since. They both said their differences are what helps them work together as a couple.

“He’s quiet and reserved and I’m loud and obnoxious. So we balance each other out. He keeps me grounded,” she said.

Lance added “She makes me laugh. She likes jokes and she teases me a lot.”

Jessica noted their engagement was intimate, and somewhat a spur-of-the-moment event.

“He took the kids (she has five children) to Traverse City and to pick out a ring and he brought it home and asked me.”

They then began to plan their fall wedding in Petoskey.

Jessica picked a retro theme for not only the wedding, but the wedding shower and bachelorette party as well. She describes the look of everything as retro-glam and she wanted to shy away from a traditional look.

“I think it’s a unique and pretty look,” she said. “I think that era the girls are empowering. You don’t necessarily have to be picture perfect to be beautiful.”

She used a classic red, white and black color scheme in order to incorporate Lance’s favorite color. Many of the decorations and the flowers were created by hand.

“The bouquets were all handmade by me and my aunt. The flowers are red roses with feathers and glitter. Anybody that knows me knows I love sparkle and bling.”

She also included tulips into floral arrangements as a nod to Lance’s Dutch heritage.

Jessica said she was happy to try something out of the ordinary for the look of the wedding and was pleased when guests were happily surprised by the theme concepts.

“It was great to make an impression on people and open their eyes to new ideas,” she said.

The couple had about 130 guests attend their wedding. The ceremony was at Petoskey Church of Christ and the reception was at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Paul Retherford took the photos for the day. The couple opted for less posed photos and instead wanted photos with captured moments.

One of these moments that stood out for the couple was when they took time to see each other before the wedding happened.

“It was just us (with the photographer) it was amazing to have that moment to ourselves before we went in front of everyone,” Jessica said.

Lance said that was the moment of the day that stuck out the most. He added it was so special because he was able to see his “bride-to-be.”

Because the day was busy Jessica and Lance didn’t have enough time to take all their photos (as a couple) in one day. So they opted to make an appointment for another day to take photos at the roller rink. Jessica said she was able to have her makeup and hair done again to take the more pin-up style photos with Lance.

In their advice to engaged couples Lance and Jessica said the best thing to do is to not let the wedding planning stress you out.

“It can consume your life and it’s over in a day,” Jessica said. “So enjoy the in between things besides planning. You’ve had this project that’s all you’ve been working on and it can be kind of sad.”

They added the whole day was so special because it was a good time to bring family and friends together to celebrate.

After the wedding they stayed at the Terrace Inn for a few days and enjoyed the time together. They plan to save an official honeymoon for another time.

They were excited to move onto married life together because as Lance said, “I just love her.”

Immediately Jessica responded with “He completes me.”

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