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Cover Fall 2011Fall 2011 edition of Up North Bride, your guide to northern Michigan weddings and engagements.

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  • On The Cover It’s almost out of a movie — two moms put their heads together and set up their children. So begins the real life love story of Natalie and Jim Cantrell of Alanson.
  • Planning Ahead There is a law — Murphy’s Law — which dictates that anything that can go wrong, will. Chances are, a bride’s wedding day is not immune to this phenomenon.
  • Details Tradition dictates that a little token of appreciation should be given to each member of the wedding party either at the rehearsal dinner or before the ceremony.
  • Photography When you pick your photographer you’ll want to have some knowledge on what to look and ask for. But before you even start to interview potentials, sit down and talk about what is important for both of you.
  • Flowers Over the past several years, locavores — those interested in eating food grown locally — have been on the rise. Increasingly, that interest may be transferring to brides and their choice of blooms.
  • Bride's Planner A wedding should be planned in stages with every decision made as early as possible. Begin by setting deadlines, then check off each task as you complete it.
  • Groom's Planner A wedding should be planned in stages with every decision made as early as possible. The groom has plenty that he is traditionally responsible for.
  • Dress Purchasing the perfect gown is only one step involved in readying yourself for wearing it at your wedding.
  • Reception For many years, a traditional part of American weddings has been a formal reception with a sit-down dinner.
  • The Emcee A master of ceremonies can mean a few different things, according to Danielle Vogelheim of NM Designs in Bay Harbor.
  • Theme While there is an endless variety of options for a couple planning a wedding, choosing an overall theme can set the pace for the entire affair.
  • Cakes The flavor options for wedding cakes are seemingly endless, from traditional to trendy.
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