Up North Bride - Fall 2012 Edition

Cover Fall 2012Fall 2012 edition of Up North Bride, your guide to northern Michigan weddings and engagements.

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  • On The Cover Anna Joseph met her husband in high school, but they were never really sweethearts. That is, until they went off to college, lived in the same duplex building and finally went on their first date.
  • Invitations Beautiful, stylish and printed invitations remain quite chic, but some engaged couples are moving toward online RSVP options. Trouble is, that doesn’t always work out very well.
  • Photography Whether called trash the dress or rock the frock photography shoots, local photographers say these unconventional bridal sessions can generate some beautiful images and spectacular memories.
  • Flowers The challenge for florists with autumn weddings is a more limited selection from local nurseries and gardens, as the abundance of summer blooms wanes.
  • Honeymoons Many couples plan lengthy honeymoons in far-away tropical destinations, but more and more newlyweds instead choose to wait to take that expensive vacation for a five or 10-year anniversary.
  • Wedding Budget & Floral Planners Download our Budget or Floral Planner PDFs to help you plan for your wedding.
  • Groom's Planner A wedding should be planned in stages with every decision made as early as possible. The groom has plenty that he is traditionally responsible for.
  • Bride's Planner A wedding should be planned in stages with every decision made as early as possible. Begin by setting deadlines, then check off each task as you complete it.
  • Preservation There are ways to save a tortured wedding gown, whether intentionally trashed for a photo shoot or simply one on which the bride dropped a forkful of beef bourguignon or a glassful of red wine.
  • Reception When planning an outdoor event, especially in the fall, weather is often a variable that calls for a good back-up plan.
  • Dessert Groom’s cakes are common in the American South and anyone from there likely is familiar with the tradition. But now these personality-oriented cakes are appearing at Michigan weddings, especially among young couples who wish to honor the grooms and their


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