Up North Bride - Spring-Summer 2010 Edition

Cover Spring 2010Spring and summer 2010 edition of Up North Bride, your guide to northern Michigan weddings and engagements.

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  • On The Cover Cover story. Destiny seems to be an ongoing theme in my life.
  • Real People: Proposals Proposals come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Let me upgrade you: Wives look to ratchet up rings When Elizabeth Robichaux Brown got married nine years ago, she made a vow to love her husband, for better or for worse, until their dying days.
  • Photography Of all the bits and pieces which comprise a wedding ensemble, the one to withstand the test of time is the photography.
  • Flowers With the date set, the venue booked and the desperate search for the perfect gown a success, it is time to think about the flowers.
  • The Ring More commonly today, rings are reflecting the individuality of each woman.
  • Money Most couples find themselves looking for ways to cut costs wherever possible.
  • Invitations For many brides to be, finding the dress, gathering the bridesmaids and deciding on the venue are easy to figure out. But how do you pick out the invitations?
  • The Party Here’s a listing of places broken down into accommodation sizes to make the choice a bit more accessible and easier
  • Gifts To thank the people who have made your big day extra special, stick to local Northern Michigan stores, which offer a diverse array of gifts for wedding attendants and guests.
  • Cakes From the elaborate and opulent to the relatively plain and simple cake, as well as other types of baked goods, there is currently a trend toward serving mouth-watering desserts with a distinct personal touch.
  • Food Here are a few tips, complete with wine recommendations, on creating a perfect wedding menu your guests will remember.

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