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Cover Spring 2011Spring 2011 edition of Up North Bride, your guide to northern Michigan weddings and engagements.

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  • On The Cover Whether you meet someone interesting or grow up with a person who slowly catches your eye, it’s a wonderful feeling.
  • Outdoor Ceremony It isn’t any secret that Northern Michigan is a perfect spot to have a destination wedding.
  • Party favors Tradition dictates that a little token of appreciation should be given to each member of the wedding party either at the rehearsal dinner or before the ceremony.
  • Photography A great way to make sure to capture all of the memories is with quality, creative photography.
  • Flowers Whether you prefer daisies, roses or lilies, adding colorful flowers can be a simple accent without overwhelming the basic theme of the wedding.
  • Transportation More commonly today, rings are reflecting the individuality of each woman.
  • Planner A wedding should be planned in stages with every decision made as early as possible. Begin by setting deadlines, then check off each task as you complete it.
  • Reception For many years, a traditional part of American weddings has been a formal reception with a sit-down dinner.
  • The Dance One of the most memorable and romantic moments of your wedding day is your first dance together as a married couple.
  • Honeymoons You’ve done everything but plan that special getaway, where newlyweds wind down after the whirlwind of months and months of planning.
  • Cakes Traditionally, the cake cutting ceremony is the first task a bride and groom perform as a husband and wife after celebrating their wedding vows.
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